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guys what do you think of me making a map with everyone from the fandom’s country highlighted or something??

so its kind like this


i mean i just think it’d be neat to see how scattered about our fandom really is. So if you like the idea, just comment on this with your…

This is so cool! I live in the U.S., but at the very bottom tip of Lake Michigan in Indiana :)

ooh, we’re close! :o I live a little north of Chicago

I live in albania. It’s in the Mediterranean sea.

im in london :)

Kansas! It’s right in the middle of America


sonofthanatos asked:

Wait? Are you serious? Nine is gay?

sevenmarinas answered:

Weeeell I don’t have much proof yet but he could be, I think he is actually bisexual but its all kinda speculation and jokes but if he were, I mean, I’m not gonna judge him, respect over everything

Plus the lgbt representation is non existent in these books

Nine seems like the last person who would admit that he’s gay, and it’s because of that that I don’t doubt it.



So a thought occurred to me. John claimed that he was Pittacus Lore. Pittacus Lore is supposed to be the author of the books. What if John is the author, after everything is over and the remaining Garde have taken their place as Elders?

I was thinking it was something cheezy like “They’re all PL” Because they all are Narrators and between them, maybe they’ll have all the legacies. Dunno


Books getting worse as they go?


some people think that the books keep getting worse,my thinking is not far from that,i think the first two books were good,but the third and forth were better then the fifth book comes and i feel bad that it did…i think i would have been happier if i never read this book

I liked it, because it took the existing status quo and DESTROYED it. All those endgame predictions everyone had? Gone.